How to firm and slim the buttocks in preparation for the swimsuit test

Firming and slimming the buttocks in preparation for the swimsuit test is imperative for those who want to look their best at the beach or pool. The arrival of summer is almost upon us: the most beautiful season to experience, being caressed by the sun, but without stress. This is the time when you undress and discover a little something to adjust to your physique. If you feel a little weighted on the “b-side,” there is still time to fix it. We’ll tell you right now how to reduce fat on the butt and slim the buttocks in Treviso at our beauty center.

How to firm and slim the buttocks in preparation for the swimsuit test

Having a fit B side is not only a matter of aesthetics but also of health. So if you want to slim your buttocks in Treviso in preparation for the swimsuit test, it is essential to take care of your nutrition and fitness first. To counteract the combination of water retention and cellulite, it is important to drink at least two liters of water a day, preferably natural water. In addition, foods high in fat, salt and calories should be limited. You should keep away from high-calorie foods and decrease carbohydrates, reducing portions if possible. Some useful exercises to shape the lower back can be easily done at home as well. The most suitable is the squat , which works the thighs and buttocks. Start from the standing position, standing, and bring the hips back, bending the knees and lowering the torso. The buttocks should be kept contracted and the back should not be bent. Then you return to the initial position. This movement should be repeated several times. Another very useful exercise is to lift the pelvis. One lies down with the legs bent so that the soles of the feet are resting on the ground. Then you raise your pelvis, with your shoulders in contact with the floor, and lower yourself by tensing your butt slightly. Without placing the lower back back on the ground, a series of lifts and lowers are performed. After exercise, let’s now see how to slim the buttocks in Treviso by getting help from aesthetic treatments.

How to slim the buttocks in Treviso: anti-cellulite treatments

Fat is not the only enemy of beauty in women’s bottoms. Thighs and buttocks are the areas of the female body most prone to cellulite. To firm and slim the buttocks quickly, water retention must also be counteracted. The stagnation of excess fluids is responsible for that unsightly localized swelling on the butt that ruins our swimsuit fitting. At Thai Si you can try a specific treatment designed to reshape these trouble spots on the body. You can pamper yourself with an anti-cellulite massage that can stimulate blood circulation and, above all, promote the elimination of toxins. The massage has a positive draining action that combats orange peel skin, making it smoother and more elastic. In order to have a firm bottom, consistency and repeat treatment is very important. Our aestheticians will recommend a personalized path to slimming the buttocks in Treviso effectively, providing several massages per week for a longer or shorter period, depending on your needs.

How to slim the buttocks in Treviso: wraps

A great way to slim the B side and reduce cellulite are wraps. In our beauty center you have different types of wraps for slimming buttocks in Treviso. The Aroma Silhouette treatment is a targeted anti-cellulite solution specifically for the legs and abdomen. Through exudative wraps, enriched with natural substances, body remodeling and elimination of orange peel skin is promoted by the dual action of heat and drainage. Heat, in contact with the skin, results in a vasodilation effect: an increase in tissue metabolism. At the same time, the bandages exert gradual compression that stimulates drainage of stagnant fluids.
Phyto Minceur is another effective treatment for slimming the buttocks that you can do at Thai Si. Wraps soaked in specially selected essential oils are used to facilitate the elimination of water retention. The treatment is dedicated to the legs and lower back to fight cellulite that is concentrated here and reshape the body.

How to slim the buttocks in Treviso: the Yon Ka wraps

Thai Si is one of the few centers in Italy where you can practice Yon Ka beauty treatments, including one to slim the buttocks fast. Yon Ka is an exclusive line of cosmetics and treatments that employ 5 plant-derived essential oils of extraordinary effectiveness that can promote the skin’s natural ability to maintain or regain its balance. The session is a very special experience that comes from the combination of phytotherapy, aromatherapy and massage performed by the expert hands of the esthetician. The Yon Ka treatment to slim the buttocks in Treviso and prevent the effects of age, including on legs and abdomen, is Phyto Fermete. It stimulates skin vitality, giving the body tone and elasticity.

How to get to Thai Si

Thai Si is a wellness center in Treviso that is easy to reach. It is located near the Treviso Nord tollbooth, in Lovadina di Spresiano, in a convenient location both for those arriving from the center and for those coming from the nearby provinces of Venice, Padua, and Pordenone along the highway. In the same facility there is also a hotel for those who would like to indulge not only in treatments to slim the buttocks, but also other aesthetic sessions, devoting a few days or a weekend to wellness and relaxation.