Individual Treatments


Traditional Thai herbal treatments and Thai massage masseurs are part of Thai history. At “Thai Si”, you will be taken care of the same way a “Thai Noble” could ever have, for example Thai massage with special techniques offered only to “Supremacist” in the old days, plus treatments with Thai herbs and essential oils</strong> selected according to individual needs.

“Thai Si” also offers you “East Meets West” fusion treatments for total health conscious. And in our typical “Royal Thai” environment, together with our gifted Thai masseurs, you will find this experience a memorable one.

80 or 120 min / € 83 or € 110

Thai Si Massage

The combination of the Traditional Thai massage, massage with oil and rattan balls, help the body to relax and to increase flexibility, sense of well being, achieving a helthy mind and body. It’ s a total body massage, including face and head.

50, 80 or 120 min / € 63, € 82 or € 110

Traditional Thai Massage

This massage act on the acupressure points on the whole body, increasing the energy’s flow troughout the body. The massage helps to maintain vitality and strenght, even in old age. This massage is performed on the body suit, without using oils.

50 or 80 min / € 69 or € 89

Thai massage with aromatic oils

This massage has a deep relaxing effect, it renews Energy of your body; natural essential oils complete the effectiveness of massage, which acts to restore balance between body and mind.This special massage technique alleviates the overburdened spine and reduces leg swelling. The masseur uses nourishing almond oil.

50 or 80 min / € 76 or € 93

Thai massage with warm herbs and oil

The application of warm herbs to the body helps improve blood circulation and alleviates various problems (i.e. rheumatic disorders, muscle and joint pains, as well as physical exhaustion), whereas the massage with oils restores skin tone and preserves youthful appearance of the skin.

50 min / € 67

Hawaiian Massage Lomi

This massage reduce stress, mixing movements with strong and light pressure; the therapist use elbows and forearms to make deeper pressure.

50 or 80 min / € 69 or € 89

Lymphatic Body Massage

The choice of essential oil and the movements along the lymphatic channels help to eliminate toxins from the body, decrease water retention and improve blood circulation.

50 or 80 min / € 76 or € 93

Sport Massage

Massage the whole body, which helps to relax tired muscles and relax the tissue after exercise. We make heavy or light pressure.

30 min / € 39

Anti-stress Massage for back and shoulders

It releases stress and eliminates the pain in lower back, dorsal and cervical spine.

20 min / € 39

Anti-Stress Face, Scalp and Cleavage

We make pressure on specific points on the scalp, helping to relieve stress. This massage also helps to reduce wrinkles and increase skin elasticity.

40 min / € 52

Reflexology Feet massage

The massage of reflex zones on the feet balances the body energy, enhancing the functioning of internal organs and organ systems.

50 min / € 60

Oriental Massage for feet and hands

The treatment is carried out with pressure on reflex points of the palms of hands and soles of the feet,improving the functioning of internal organs and organ systems. With this massage restores balance throughout the body.

30 min / € 39

Manual massage against cellulite

This is a special massage performed on the parts of the body subjected to cellulite: thighs and belly. The massage stimulates blood circulation by applying special anti-cellulite creams that facilitate the process of eliminating fat and improving the elasticity of the skin.

50 or 80 min / € 69 or € 89

Pregnancy Massage

This special massage is used to lighten fat back and reduce swelling in the legs. Massage is performed with nutrient almond oil.

90 min / € 105

Hot Stones Massage

Hot Stones massage helps dissolve muscle stiffness, improve joint mobility, and relieve spine tension. It decongesens lymphatic deposits, improves fluid retention and positively influences arterial circulation. It helps to detoxify the body, also releasing metabolic exchanges. It also has aesthetic effects as it smoothes and tones the skin and gives a general feeling of well-being and relaxation.