The exclusive Thai Si Royal Thai Spa Hotel and Wellness Centre enjoys a quiet location in the quietude that encircles Le Bandie lake in Lovadina di Spresiano near Treviso.




€ 70 / night




€ 85 / night

Junior Suite

Junior Suite


€ 120 / night




€ 100 / night


Wet Zone e Piscine

Wet Zone

The rooms and the relaxing common areas of the Centre offer enchanting views of the lake  and the surrounding pristine nature with its forest trails ideal for walks or bicycle trips. There is a golf club and only just few kilometres away.

I Nostri Trattamenti

Our Treatments

Traditional Thai herbal treatments and Thai massage masseurs are part of Thai history. At “Thai Si”, you will be taken care of the same way a “Thai Noble” could ever have, for example Thai massage with special techniques offered only to “Supremacist” in the old days.

Massaggio Tradizionale Thailandese

Traditional Thai Massage

Over 2,500 years ago in India, Shivago Komarpaj, personal physician to the Buddha, devised a new form of massage.
Combining knowledge of meditation, related by his master, and traditional medical science, the technique was and still remains unique.

March 2018


Fantastic, almost unreal place, a bit of Thailand in the Treviso region. Typical, charming and brand new atmosphere; a la carte restaurant with Thai and Italian menus. Well served dishes, good and varied. Spacious rooms, with balcony overlooking the lake, fully equipped bathrooms, wireless. An oasis of tranquility. Very very very nice.

February 2018


Wonderful place, great services. The staff is nice and helpful, very professional. Prices and quality of services are good and balanced. I often go for treatments.

January 2018


For some years now I have been staying in this structure for business meetings both in summer and winter, and I must say that the structure is very pleasant, clean and with a large park where you can make pleasant walks gladdened by the sight of an artificial lake.

January 2018


I was taken by my friends to this hotel with Spa for my henbye farewell.
The hotel is very nice and clean with spacious rooms.
Even the spa cured… maybe a little ‘small but rent it to groups of up to 6 people so it becomes very spacious.

January 2018


I stayed for several nights in this fabulous Thai Oriental style hotel and I must say that everything was perfect. Comfortable location with large parking in a charming area – overlooking a lake around which you can also walk and run during the day / morning.


At Thai Si, Royal Thai Spa, you will enjoy modern conveniences in a traditional setting.
For a weekend or a longer vacation, we offer a range of packages designed for every need.

Thai Si Day

Thai Si Day

Pacchetti 1 Notte

1 Night Packages

Pacchetti Più Notti

More Night Packages


Thai Si
Royal Thai Spa
& Hotel

The Thai Si Royal Thai Spa is the most exclusive wellness centre for the traditional Thai massage outside Thailand.


Via G. Vecellio, 56/A

31027 Lovadina di Spresiano TV Italy


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